The Holiday Months are Here!

It’s Holiday month!! This means perfect soup weather, books by the fire, coffee, turkey, red noses, s’mores and people gathering in your home.


So naturally your home needs to be in tip-top shape, here are a few of our favorite little home décor items.


1. Joyn Pillow

These sweet pillows are all hand block printed in India, each one is unique and we have several colors to choose from. More on the way too!

2. Joyn Table Runner

Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Green and Yellow. I adore these table runners, really, how could anyone NOT like these? Melody has also started making placemats these are on the way and should be here in a few weeks as well. Love.

3. Heavenly Treasures Salad Set

These are so cute they can be left out on your counter in a little matching wooden bowl. Not only are they a beauty to look at but are functional too. Handcrafted in Kenya, we have several different kinds to choose from, even a matching cooking set.

4. Joyn Coasters

They’re back!! These precious coasters have sold out every time we have gotten them in. They are made out of recycled newspaper, cool right? Great conversation piece!



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